Winzz New Electric Guitar Packages

Winzz New Electric Guitar Packages

Aileen Music has been dedicated to manufacturing electric guitars for many years. According to these years’ experience and feedback from customers, we upgrade our electric guitar package with new attractive colorful box design. Furthermore, we develop four vintage electric guitar styles with package. The four packages with 10W amplifier are satisfied by electric guitar players and the price is more competitive and acceptable in the market!

New colorful box design:

Model: EGS111-10S
-Electric Guitar Package
-EGS111+10wAMP+Bag+3Picks+Cable+Strings+Belt+Allan Key +Whammy Bar
FOB Shanghai Price:USD60/set; MOQ: 100sets




Model: EGR200-22-10S                                                                              Model: EGR240-10S

Description:                                                                              Description:

-Electric Guitar Package                                                                -Electric Guitar Package

-EGR200-22+10wAMP+Bag+3Picks+Cable+Strings+Belt+Allan    -EGR240+10wAMP+Bag+3Picks+Cable+Strings+Belt+Allan

Key +Whammy Bar                                                                                                            Key +Whammy Bar

FOB Shanghai Price:USD84/set; MOQ: 100sets                                    FOB Shanghai Price:USD85/set; MOQ: 100sets

Model: EGT10-10S


-Electric Guitar Package

-EGT10+10wAMP+Bag+3Picks+Cable+Strings+Belt+Allan Key +Whammy Bar

FOB Shanghai Price:USD67/set; MOQ: 100sets


This promotion is valid before Dec. 31st. If you like them, please confirm order with us as soon as possible!

More details, please feel free to contact us!