Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion

Aileen Music high-end updated models

In order to help our customers keep their competitive advantage in the market, we always find the way to improve the quality of our products. Under this principle, we have developed many popular products in the market with stable quality and competitive price.

At this promotional season, we strongly recommend two guitars here. One is classical guitar AC70N, and the other one is acoustic guitar AF29A. They are not new products, but are updated models based on our original hot sale products. These two models are manufactured on our quality production line, which are special for vintage series guitars. Each process on the production is paid more attention under higher handcraft standard.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us: sales42@aileenmusic.com

Classical Guitar Sales Promotion (Time: back-to-school)

A series of student classic guitar is always the hot selling product in the market. The stable quality and cheap price make them to be popular products in the world, especially for the students and beginners.

It’s back-to-school season now. We Aileen Music hereby provide you the top-selling Classic guitar AC851F. This is the upgraded model for entrance level classic guitar. This classic guitar provides young students a fun-to-play instrument. Perfect for ages 6 and up!