Promotion For Aileen New Ukulele

Promotion For Aileen New Ukulele

Aileen New Ukulele

This week, we explore a kind of new ukuleles with absolute new design idea in market, pls kindly allow us several minutes to introduce to you:

lThe most special on design: Its top, side and back are not made by normal natural wood, but with artificial flamed laminated wood.

The woods are processed by high technological skill, and give us the special visual performance.

See below photos:

l The most stable on quality: This kind of skill can make full use of wood during production. The wood density can be controlled very well, so it is hard to be cracked or distorted. No wood scar or poor varnish problem.

OEM service is available, if your order is more than 100pcs. The logo on head will be made by special wood carving and the label will stick inside sound hole.


Overall, it is a good time to order now. Don’t hesitate! Start it now, and catch the market need!

More details and price pls ask to our sales: Sales42@aileenmusic.com

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