Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Hi Christiana,

I hope you are doing well. We want to thank you, Aileen and company for being so professional and on time with sending us the instruments. We unpacked most of the boxes. Generally we arehappy with quality and condition of most instruments.

We were thinking to place a bigger order sometime in December, but this is more urgent. Please advice.

Best regards,

Garik Terzian

Hi Christiana,

I am actually very happy with the samples - that acoustic guitar is truly amazing, and the banjo is also quite good for the money.  However, at this time, I'm seriously wondering if I'm going to stay in the business, as it has been quite slow. That being said, what was the MOQ on the acoustic sample you sent?


Bob Gadd

When buying at Nanjing Aileen Trading Co we know the service will come with it. Great quality controle and if something goes wrong the service behind is incredible. I can feel the knowledge is present and the always willing to learn more.

---- Sylvain

Hi Cherry,

I received the cases, and I am happy with the quality. I will be in touch with you within the next few days about making an order.

Thank you!

Sammy Hersh

Pro Music Bags

Dear Hannah.

We received the mandolas today and all safe and well.  We LOVE the look of them. Very good job. I have to adjust the bridges and get mandola strings because the strings sent were for mandolin so I hope to be able to try the mandolas in a few days but they look fabulous.

Many many thanks for all your efforts.

I will let you know soon how they sound etc.

Have a lovely day!

Kind regards


Aileen Music 10th Anniversary - Customer Blessings

Dear Aileen!

Heartly congratulate you with 10th anniversary of your company! Your spirit. drive and hard work made your organization what it is today. Business anniversary is always a milestone to celebrate the achievements and the opportunity to set new goals. congratulations on your success.

Its been a pleasure working with you these years. Keep up all the good work and never stop inspiring!
My sincere greetings to all your team!

All the best!

Nataliya Pyaskovska

Kiev Ukraine

natali natali

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